H6-200C Hydrogen-rich water machine H6-200C Hydrogen-rich water machine

product model: H6-200C Hydrogen-rich water machine

Technical Information:

Hydrogen Water Flow:0.8L/min
Min Input Water Pressure:0.1 MPa
Max Input Water Pressure:0.6 MPa
Installation: Above/Under the table

Product Details

Hydrogen in water, 1000~1600ppb/L , and 1600ppb/L is saturation
ORP is -300~-800, Antioxidant ability
PH is 7.5~9, Beneficial to the body
TDS <100 mg/L(inlet water TDS is 450mg/L) ,TDS (Total dissolved solids)
Retention of beneficial mineral trace elements in water
No heavy metals, sterile, tasteless, no antibiotics and other harmful substances
Leakage protection ,High pressure protection
Pressure Reducing/ Sustaining Valve, less 0.4MPa pressure
Total water : 2000L ~7200L
Replacement filter reminder