product model:

Technical Information:

Hydrogen content:1000~1600ppb,Strong antioxidant capacity
PH ≥7.5
hydrogen water (ambient),warm hydrogen water(50℃),coffee water(85℃) ,tea water(95℃)
Quick heating
living room, kitchen, office

Product Details

Out water:hydrogen water (ambient),warm hydrogen water(50℃),coffee water(85℃) ,tea water(95℃)
Intelligent: LED display screen, filters life prompts,Automatically flush,child lock 
Convenience:Quick fitting connections & no installation
Space-saving: above-sink installation
Alarm: Error
Filters(service life):①Carbon fiber filter(3-6Months)②RO(24Months)③Carbon fiber filter(6Months)④Hydrogen filter(3-6Months)
Hydrogen -rich water
 Hydrogen content:1000~1600ppb,Strong antioxidant capacity
 ORP "-200~-800"mV
 PH ≥7.5,beneficial to body,Balance the pH of human body
 Small molecule water, easy to absorb and promote metabolism
 Retention of beneficial mineral trace elements
 With heating hydrogen -rich water function(50℃)